Wanna know why we chose C-Bus as our Headquarters?

A view of downtown Columbus waterfront

Columbus, Ohio, USA skyline on the Scioto River.

Arch City, Buckeye City, C-bus, Cow-town, The Biggest Small Town in America

We’re called a lot of things, but there’s no doubt about it: Columbus is one of the best cities in the country. So when it came time to build a marketing agency, what better place to start than here? We’re in the center of the state that’s in the center of the Midwest that’s in the center of America. We’re the heart of it all, and we love it.

Columbus is a high-tech, hipster college city with a wealth of young, diverse, talented people. It’s either the world-class university, or there’s something in the Scioto River (which there probably is either way). But seriously, we have great people here, and the creative talent pool is deep with  people who just love to make things and make them well. That skill set is indispensable when it comes to marketing, and no one understands that here better than we do.

So why Columbus? The better question is why not! And you’d be hard pressed to find a reason. Like we said: we love Columbus. Not all of us are from here, but we’re all proud to call it home.


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