Time and tide wait for no man. Summer has come and gone, and we truly hope that you’ve had the best summer ever splashing in and lounging around the pool. (Shout out to those who shared the wealth with their friends!)

With the closing of summer comes the closing and winterization of pools, and National Pool Closing Day kicks off the season. National Pool Closing day takes place on the 3rd Saturday in September. This year, it falls on September 21st. While closing your pool is always a bummer, we like to think that the holiday offers a chance to reflect on and smile about the amazing summer you just had. We try our best to find the silver linings.

Bummers aside, you still need to get your pool ready to endure the colder months. And, as always, we’re here and happy to help with this handy pool-closing guide. So let’s jump in!

When to close and winterize your pool

Whatever your climate might be, it’s best to wait until the air and water temperatures drop below 65°F (18°C). For most Northern states, that’s probably around mid-September, while our Midwestern friends can wait another 2–6 weeks after that.

Though many pool owners in the South don’t close or winterize their pools, we strongly recommend doing so if you live in the northern regions of the Sun Belt or experience semi-regular freezing temperatures.

How to close and winterize your pool

You can go one of two routes: you can do it yourself or hire a professional. If you opt for the DIY route, we’ve got 9 steps to help you get it done right:

  1. Clean the pool thoroughly. Skim, vacuum and brush every surface.
  2. Test and balance the pool’s pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness levels. Let the chemicals do their thing for 24 hours.
  3. Consider adding algaecide, a floating sanitation tab, and/or a metal remover/sequestrant.
  4. Drain water as necessary (3” down for winter covers, 12” down for safety covers). For fiberglass pools, do not drain below the skimmer.
  5. Remove all plugs, and drain water from the pump and filter system. Remove any heating elements.
  6. Blow out the plumbing lines (an air compressor is good at this) and plug the lines once they’re clear.
  7. Plug your skimmer line with a “Gizzmo” plug. Plug the wall returns and cleaner lines as well.
  8. Remove any handrails and ladders.
  9. Install your pool cover securely (and pat yourself on the back for a job well done).

If you’d rather have a professional handle your pool closing, check out the servicers who work with us at Splash Promotion. We know they’re good; you can trust us.

Avoid common closing mistakes with these tips

Even with the steps outlined above, we thought it important to point out some of the overlooked areas that can cause big problems:

  • Make sure your heater is properly drained and blown out. If any remaining water freezes and bursts a coil, you’ll be in for a very expensive repair.
  • Thoroughly clean your filter, whatever kind it may be. Don’t let it sit all winter with gross stuff all up in it, or you’ll need a new one when spring rolls around.
  • Turn off all your electric components. Just shut everything off at the breaker. If your filter system is left on, it will continue to run without water. This kills the motor.

Winterizing in the Sun Belt

If you’re one of the lucky ducks who live where it’s warm most of the year, we envy you but have a small bit of advice. You should at the very least cover your pool if you experience winter temperatures that hover between 40°F and 60°F,

If you’re thinking about taking it a step further and winterizing your pool, these benefits might sway your decision:

  • You don’t have to worry about sudden freezing temperatures causing damage that requires expensive repairs.
  • You have no pump, filter or heater operating costs. Save money on energy!
  • Winter safety covers block the wind and cold and keep your family and pets safe from falling in.
  • Give yourself—and your pool—a little break. You don’t have to maintain it for a few months, and your pool gets a reprieve from wear and tear.

We’ve got you covered

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