If you’re considering renovating the area around your pool but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve listed some ideas for you below.

Understand that you have various lighting options for multiple areas. For example, you can hang LED bulbs above your pool, put LED lights in the pool underwater, set up a fire pit near the pool, or place lights along the walkway leading to the pool. You can even put two or more of these options in place depending on what you want for your pool area.

You also have numerous options when it comes to your pool walkway, which can be made out of stone, marble, concrete, or synthetic materials that mimic other materials, including tile and wood. Research the materials online and decide which material you like the look of best. You can then go from there and research pricing for purchase and installation.

You can fill boring, empty spaces near or around your pool with something visually interesting, like a garden or an alternative landscaping feature. We suggest including plants such as palm trees, aloe vera, live oaks, octopus agave, and more. But of course, it’s best to speak with a gardening professional about which plants will grow best near your pool. If you don’t have a green thumb and can’t pay for a professional gardener, you can use rocks and stones instead to fill up those empty areas.

If you want privacy while swimming or lounging around your pool, you can add either a pool fence or an arrangement of very tall hedges or plants.

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