There are plenty of online articles that explain the right way to close your pool. Sometimes they explain why (e.g., it keeps your water clean and properly balanced; it keeps equipment from freezing or being otherwise ruined by the outside elements, etc.). But what happens if you simply do everything wrong when closing your pool? What issues would arise then?

What kind of repairs would you need once swimming season arrived? Imagine the hassle of cleaning and repairing your pool then. Think about the time and money that you would have to spend to address these issues as needed. You probably wouldn’t be able to use your pool right away, and it would likely cost you more than it would have to close your pool properly in the first place.

To be perfectly clear—you would be dealing with a huge mess.

Want some more specific details?

Here is a list of the problems you could be dealing with if you don’t close your pool the right way (or perhaps at all when it’s necessary):

  • The pool water will get incredibly cloudy and dirty, with the potential for all kinds of germs and viruses to thrive in the water.
  • If the pool isn’t covered, debris will end up in the pool.
  • Algae will form before the winter weather arrives. While algae don’t grow during the winter, the algae will remain in your pool and grow again during the spring until you open your pool.
  • The extremely cold weather could cause hoses and piping to freeze and burst and will ruin other pool equipment.
  • The liner could be damaged to the point that it can’t be fixed. This means maintenance, if not costly replacement
  • If it’s an aboveground pool, it can disintegrate (without the use of an air pillow or a correctly winterized skimmer).
  • If you don’t drain your pool at all, the water will freeze and could cause new tears or worsen existing tears. When you’re ready to use your pool, you will have to pay in both time AND money to repair these tears.
  • Don’t fully drain your pool when it isn’t necessary. It could separate and come out from the ground because of ground water pressure.
  • If you don’t turn off your electricity, you will end up with some high monthly electric bills through the winter and into the spring.

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