We love our pools, but sometimes our wallets don’t. Maintaining the perfect pool can get expensive, but these five tips can help you save on energy costs. So go ahead, enjoy your pool without worrying what the next energy bill will look like.

Manage your pool temperature

While it’s nice to have your pool at the desired temperature when you’re ready to take a dip, keeping your pool warm when no one is using it is a huge waste of energy. Every degree in temperature change means a 10%–30% increase in energy consumption (and cost), so keep the temperature turned down when the pool’s not in use.

Tweak your pool pump run time

Energy typically costs more during the day when the demand is highest, so check with your energy provider to see if they have off-peak hours and set your pool pump system to run during those times (typically at night). You should also make sure your pump cycle timer is accurate and timed correctly depending on your pool’s size, and note that multiple short cycles keep the water cleaner than one or two long cycles.

Keep the water circulating

Good water circulation is important for a couple reasons. Besides helping chemicals mix throughout the pool, proper circulation helps keep the temperature regulated. During the hot summer months, the water nearer the surface of a pool will be much warmer than the water nearer the bottom, so circulation helps mix things up and puts less of a strain on the pool pump. Ensure your water is circulating properly by checking the skimmer and filter baskets every couple of days.

Prevent heat loss and evaporation

Surface water evaporates throughout the day, which reduces the water’s temperature. A solar cover can reduce evaporation by 30%–50%, thus retaining heat and saving the heater from kicking back on. Wind also contributes to heat loss via evaporation, so having a fence or other type of barrier around the pool can help keep mitigate that.

Use a solar heating system

If you’re still planning your pool or are looking for a new heating system, consider a solar heater system. Solar heaters pump water through solar energy coils to quickly heat the water before returning it to the pool. Solar systems are energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and their (affordable) up-front cost will eventually pay for itself with energy savings.

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