Your pool is not just a hole in the ground filled with water; it is a place to escape and feel refreshed and relaxed. Whether you plan to enjoy your pool by yourself or with family and friends, landscaping can dramatically enhance the area around your pool and offer a sense of privacy as well. We’ve put together this handy guide to give you some ideas.


Your pool is your sanctuary, and no one wants to be ogled while they’re enjoying a swim or lounging in the sun. Larger flowering shrubs like hydrangeas, hibiscus and dogwood can keep things private while adding gorgeous scenery and aromas around your patio. Some of these shrubs may grow large, though, so it’s best to give them ample room away from the pool.

Ornamental grasses

If you’re looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance facelift to your pool area, then ornamental grasses are a great choice. Ornamental grasses like fountaingrass, little bluestem and zebra grass cam be planted in a row to create a wind-swept, brushy barrier and add vibrant greens, yellows, blues and reds to complement the water of your pool.


Another low-maintenance option, succulents come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors and can easily enhance your pool landscaping. If you’re looking for a non-grassy barrier around your pool, then large succulents like Agaves and Aloes work very well. Smaller species like jade plant and hens and chicks (also known as houseleek) work great for filling smaller bare spots, mixing with other plants and accenting other features.

Bug repellents

Who wants bugs in and around their pool? No one, that’s who! Luckily, several types of garden plants naturally deter bugs like mosquitos, spiders, beetles and ants. Marigolds, chrysanthemums, mint, basil, citronella grass, lavender, chives and petunias can be planted in patches or pots throughout your garden to help keep the creepy-crawlies at bay.


It’s easy to envision palm trees around any pool—and they instantly add a tropical feel to any locale. Palm trees are great for shade, and they don’t drop a lot of fronds, so you won’t have to fish them out of your pool. Dwarf varieties of fruit trees like apple, pear, peach and cherry can also add a touch of color (and offer snacks) without taking over the pool area.

Salt-loving plants

If you have a saltwater pool, these plants are abundant around the ocean and can withstand the briny water. Century plants and hollies are nice green options, and daylilies and blanket flowers are great for adding color without wilting from the salt.

No matter the type of plants you wind up planting, be sure they’re an ample distance from the pool to avoid getting splashed. Plants love water, but not chemically enhanced pool water. Find the right balance of fill and color to keep your pool looking its best year-round.

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