A lot goes into keep your pool up and running and ready for fun all summer long. Whether you’re shopping for a pool or comparing prices between services, we’ve put together all of the costs that go into routine pool maintenance and repairs.

Average pool maintenance costs

If you don’t have the time to complete routine maintenance yourself, you can hire professional pool servicer to keep your pool at its best. Most servicers charge $60 to $100 per hour for cleaning and equipment maintenance.

In-ground versus above-ground pools

Both types need the bottom and sides swept, and you’ll pay about the same hourly rate either way. However, if the equipment for your above-ground pool is hidden under a deck, your services may be more expensive with difficult access.

Vinyl liner versus fiberglass versus concrete in-ground pools

While vinyl liner pools are the least expensive to install, fiberglass pools are much cheaper to maintain, and concrete pools are the most expensive on both fronts. Over the course of 10 years, a fiberglass pool will cost you less than $4,000 in maintenance and repairs, whereas vinyl liner pools will run upwards of $10,000, and concrete pools will set you back about $27,000 in maintenance and repairs alone.

Salt water maintenance

Maintenance for salt water pools typically focuses on keeping the salt levels at the appropriate level and preventing stains and corrosion. You can purchase a professional maintenance package for $80–$90 for one monthly visit, or you can DIY for about $45 per month.

If you’re going the DIY route, you’ll need to regularly test the water and adjust the chlorine and other chemical levels as needed. The salt generator cell will need a mild acid wash every three to four months for descaling, and unless you have a self-cleaning salt system, you’ll need to clean the salt cells regularly to prevent buildup.

Indoor pool maintenance

The easiest pools to maintain, indoor pools don’t have to contend with debris, evaporation or weathering from UV rays. It’s also easier to keep the chemicals properly balanced without the sunlight that encourages different chemical reactions. An efficient indoor pool cover and/or a solar water heater would further reduce maintenance costs.

Annual upkeep costs

The average cost for regular upkeep and services for your swimming pool is roughly $80–$150 per month or $960–$1,800 annually. For seasonal opening and closing services, you can expect to pay around $300–$500 per occasion. With maintenance, repairs, electricity and water, the yearly cost to own a pool is $3,000–$5,000 when it’s all said and done.

It should also be noted that liability insurance for a swimming pool could add $20–$25 per month to your homeowner’s insurance bill, and since swimming pools typically raise your property value, your property taxes may increase accordingly.

Weekly services

You can expect to shell out $20–$50 per week depending on what needs done. Weekly maintenance involves testing and maintaining the pool’s chemical balance and keeping it clear of debris. You can expect sanitizers, oxidizers, pH balancers and algaecides to be among your purchases for weekly maintenance.

Monthly services

On top of the weekly cleaning costs, you can expect another $30–$95 in basic monthly care or $80–$150 for more involved maintenance. Monthly services should include the above chemical balancing as well as sweeping the bottom and sides of the pool and checking all settings, filters and equipment.

Pool opening

When it’s it time to open your pool at the beginning of the season, you’ll be looking at anywhere from $350 to $500 to get it ready for action. If you need to drain, clean and refill the pool, the costs will climb to over $650.

Pool closing and winterization

Closing the pool at the end of the season is always sad, and you can expect to pay a little extra on top. With vacuuming, cleaning, balancing the chemicals for the winter and installing a pool cover, closing and winterization costs can run $350–$650.


Swimming pools require a lot of electricity for all the equipment, and the cost to keep them running is around $65–$100 per month or $800–1,200 per year, depending on the equipment. Here’s a breakdown of common equipment costs:

  • 2-speed pump/filter system: $30–$50 per month
  • 1-speed pump/filter system: $75–$150 per month
  • Heat pump: $50–$250
  • In-ground hot tub: $100–300


Hiring a professional service

If you’re looking for professional pool cleaning services, make sure you get at least three detailed quotes before deciding on one. Do your homework and look at reviews and testimonials, and double-check any contracts you may end up signing. Always check for these qualities in a servicer:

  • Has been in business for five or more years
  • Is properly insured and bonded for a pool servicer
  • Good ratings on review services
  • Is a Certified Maintenance Specialist


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